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Carrefour selects RunIoT for temperature control of supermarket cold cabinets

What is IoT?

IoT is not just about connecting devices to Internet. IoT is about building long-term relationships to transform businesses, redraw industry boundaries and create real value. Our connected-based services will give new opportunities to your company.

Connected Products

Start sensing with our IoT sensors easily. Our products are easy to use, plug and play, and reliable in terms of security and reliability.

IoT Platform

Extremely user-friendly, our IoT platform, gives you not only information and alerts, so the ability to customize your products and processes.

Personal Experiences

Our engineering team is committed to deliver the best connected experiences which means that we make the engineering which best fits your needs.

How IoT can help me?

IoT Solutions Across Industries

Opiron Electronics designs innovative IoT Solutions to solve real-world issues for different cases like residential buildings, laboratories, pharmacies and manufacturing factories to help them improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

Connected Business

IoT offers digital technology to improve products and services of your business. Predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, operation decision making are just a few examples of how your business can take advantage of IoT

Pay for what you use

Since Opiron designs integral IoT services: hardware and Platform programming, we can offer you the customized solutions that best fits your requirements. Don’t pay for extra sensors or extra data you don’t need. (I.e, do you need to send every 1 minute, 1 hour… ? )


Opiron solutions find the simplicity in the complexity of the Internet of Things. We make plug and play connected products to our IoT platform, delivering real value to our clients from the very first moment. Check out the Opiron IoT Blog to read about case studies.

Standard solutions

Temperature based Solutions

Temperature Solution

Cold chain for vaccines and biologicals

Solutions for laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.

Food Storage

We help you guaranting the quality of food in supermarkets and frozen food companies.

Restaurants / Food Services

Our solutions include sensors for restaurants and food industries with different features.

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IoT Platform

In Opiron we offer custom experiences to our customers with our IoT Platform, designed to run smart applications which are monitored by our IoT connected devices. Thanks to our IoT platform, you will be able to save time and money, reducing risks and giving you important information of your processes in graphs, spreadsheets, etc. Furthermore, thanks to our API-connected software, you will be able to receive information through SMS, emails and more.

IoT-connected products

Our IoT sensors provide plug and play solutions for applications which require to sense temperature, motion, leaks or noise among other variables. Our sensors are connected to our IoT platform, which guarantee privacy and security. Our range of products includes temperature sensors, motion sensors and even PLC programmed solutions.

I can monitor our industrial processes everywhere. Opiron did not only deliver a turnkey project, they offer its knowledge whenever I need.
César Fortuny Fortaps S.L.
Opiron helped us to control our assets more efficiently.
Katsumi Uema Katsumi Uema Pharmacy
Opiron delivered a hardware custom project which fit our needs.
Jesús Pérez Carttop Proyectos S.A.
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