• IoT Platform

    The IoT experience starts and ends in our platform: manage and turn data into actions securely.

IoT Platform

Our IoT platfrom brings you the most advanced IoT experience: since Opiron develops its own hardware, the IoT platform is fully optimized to be integrated into its own ecosystem. This means more efficiency in terms of speed, securely data…. and of course, money.


Probably, one of the most important challenges of IoT is security. Since we develop hardware and software, our technology brings you a fully integrated and secure data.


Remove complexity . Our IoT platform comes with a collection of features that let you do things in ways that are intuitive and fun.

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Monitor your things in real time through graphics, data tables and more.


Our platform is fully integrated with our IoT-objects to help you in different industries like pharmacies, agriculture and industry among others.

Alarms and triggers

Define your triggers and thresholds easily. Our platform guarantees a custom experience.


Our platform is able to send you communications to your computer, tablet or phone through email or even SMS, which guarantees that will keep you updated everywhere.

Data services

Download data through Spreadsheets, manage devices and more.

Privacy and security

Data protection and information security are a top priority for us. Since we program you devices until your platform, we can guarantee that your data is fully protected with keys.

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